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Butcher Block Countertops

Modern day kitchens have different statement factors. Some that enhance the utility factor and some that enhance the look of the kitchen. Today, with women or men treating cooking as an art form and often indulging in specialty cooking, butcher blocks for countertops add another dimension to cooking and your kitchen in general. In short, they provide the perfect combination of utility and esthetics.

Butcher blocks are becoming immensely popular these days. Typically, they are made of wood, and good quality wood is considered to be timeless and lasts one a lifetime. The underlying factor is that, it should be taken care of properly. In addition to the utility factor, wooden or butcher block countertops add to the look of the kitchen.

Butcher Blocks



Black Walnut


Butcher Blocks vs. Granite or Marble

Often people wonder the benefits of butcher block countertops in comparison to granite or marble ones. More and more people are switching to these wooden countertops because they are considered to be much more versatile in nature. They are available in different makes, variety of woods, stains, and can be matched completely to your kitchen cabinets to give a seamless and a well-coordinated look. Depending on the look of your kitchen you can opt for a rustic and a natural look, or a high polish contemporary effect. In addition to the esthetics, butcher block countertops are relatively inexpensive in comparison to granite or marble.

Care for Butcher Blocks

Granite and marble counter tops are easier to maintain because of their impermeable nature. Natural wood requires special attention and care. A sealant can be used to make the surface impermeable, strong and resilient to stains and spills. This will make the countertop hardy and will remain in good shape for a longer stretch of time. Being wood, one should remember to place heat guards over these countertops, as excessive heat may scorch the wood and place ugly marks on them. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful with butcher blocks. This is the only factor one should keep in mind when opting for butcher block countertops.

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