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Refacing can be considered a step-up from refinishing, as it entails the replacement of all cabinet drawers and hardware in addition to applying fresh paint, finish, or stain to the exterior surface. This includes buying new hinges, sliding drawers, and swinging front panels. Refacing is a better choice than the alternative when the primary goal is to transform the design of the existing cabinetry.

Cabinet Refacing: Not the Same as Refinishing

The only thing that remains the same are the cabinets themselves, though they will look vastly different once the process is complete. There is not a distinction between refacing and resurfacing. The terms are synonymous and basically mean the outward appearance of the cabinets are being changed.

Homeowners who are dissatisfied with the way their existing cabinetry looks and/or wish to have a dramatic change in style, refacing is an excellent medium. Given the added price of new drawers and hardware, the process costs a bit more than standard refinishing, but is far less than a full replacement. The cabinets themselves comprise the greatest value, which is why individuals considering refacing are at a better advantage cost-wise than those who prefer a room overhaul.

How Much Will Cabinet Refacing Cost Me?

Given that the hardware parts mentioned will need to be discarded, be prepared to roughly double what you would for refinishing. Quality knobs, handles and a high-end veneer like natural wood are more expensive than commercially produced pieces that are made for economical budgets.

If you are happy with your kitchen’s layout but not its appearance, you may want to think about cabinet refacing. There is no need to buy new cabinets when the ones you have can be made to mimic them for cheaper. Only when the function of the space is an issue should a replacement be considered. It is more cost-effective and less time-consuming to reface/resurface than to remove cabinetry, plain and simple!

Stone Creek has an extensive selection of hardware styles and over 35 fine finish colors. Stop by one of our 2 locations and see why Stone Creek makes the difference in quality and price, or if you prefer, call Josh at 701-509-0586 or fill out the form below for a free cabinet refacing estimate.

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