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Refinish vs. Replace?

Refinishing or replacing is one of the biggest debates that is not uncommon in a household. One may own the best of furniture, but after a while one gets bored and the question is should we replace or give it a new look? Does it really make sense to replace a good or a solid piece of furniture? You may have loved it a paid a fortune for it. These days furniture are made in a way that can be refinished and given a new look at a fraction of the cost. Either a fine wood work, or a new paint job can change the look of your furniture. With that said, accent furniture is in. Replacing then becomes merely a personal decision. However, for those who have the luxury and the set up could opt for a replacement even though a new look could change the appeal completely. Replacement … Continue reading

Remodeling should be an Investment, not a Cost

Remodeling is always a big decision. It is expensive and requires a fairly big investment. Often the investment that goes into remodeling a house does not bring back an equal return. What is an ideal house for remodeling? Where is the return highest in investment? Remodeling is not what is referred to a paint job or minor cosmetic additions for the matter. Remodeling are the changes that are done after having lived in a home for a fairly long period. Those houses need a complete facelift. It helps in raising the value of the house should one plan to sell it sometime in future. There are specific areas in the house that make the investment worth every penny. The kitchen for one. Remodeling the kitchen includes playing around with the layout of the kitchen, adding an island, increasing and redesigning the storage cabinets, and add on modern appliances. The investment … Continue reading

5 Things Every Home Office Needs

Our quality home office furniture and accessories will help you stay focused, organized, and help you get down to business. If you are considering building an office in your home, consider Stone Creek first. Here are five things every home office needs: 1. Work Space To get started, the first thing you need is a work space. Our desks and tables are big enough to lay out projects of any size. We craft our furniture with the strongest hardwood lumber to create a durable desk you can depend on for a lifetime. If you need your desk to fit a certain space, bring in the correct measurements and our incredible staff will build your very own custom desk that you will purchase right from the factory that built it. 2. Storage  The next thing your home office needs is storage space. Our armoires and credenzas offer the perfect amount of space to store … Continue reading

5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade for the New Year

When hosting a holiday bash, you probably clean every corner of the house. Even though it may be the smallest room in your home, the bathroom makes a big impression on guests. Making a bathroom upgrade is like adding a pop of color to a drab wardrobe. Your bathroom might need an update in the New Year if you can answer “yes” to any of the five questions below. 1. Do you feel like you can never get the bathroom clean enough for guests? If your tub is a little grey and your sink never looks shiny, it might be time to replace them. Updating your tile can help the walls of your shower stand out and sparkle again. Even adding a fresh coat of durable paint can cover up scuffs, water damage and scum and make your bathroom look fresh and clean again. 2. Do you still have a construction-grade … Continue reading

5 Ways to Entertain Your Children During the Holidays

When the Holidays approach, your children are home from school with nothing to do. Thanks to Stone Creek Furniture’s innovative designs, there are five ways to entertain your children this Holiday season! 1. Bring Out the Board Games Stone Creek’s custom entertainment centers have a number of shelves. They are great places to store board games. Little hands can open bottom cabinets and uncover new games and old favorites. It is a smart way to get the whole family together as well. 2. Video Game Blitz Stone Creek’s entertainment centers are also great places to store video games and all the accessories. Thanks to the infinite configuration possibilities, you can design a unit that stores all your media devices and hides all the cords and wires so that you maintain order. 3. Enjoy Movie Night Instead of choosing an entertainment center, you may select a media wall. If you want … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Your kitchen does more than provide an area for preparing and cooking your family’s meals. It’s also a place where you, your guests and your family can gather and talk during a get-together or help in the next delicious creation. As you gain more appliances or your family grows, your kitchen should also evolve and expand for your needs. If you lack space or just want a change, it could be time to remodel your kitchen. 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen 1. It doesn’t look very inviting. Perhaps the lighting is too dim or the colors appear gloomy and unattractive. Remodeling the room to have improved lights, a new color scheme and updated flooring can help make it more inviting for you and your guests. 2. No one gathers there anymore. It can seem rather lonely when no one wants to join you during the meal preparation. Adding an island … Continue reading

How to Organize Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday when groups of people visit and enjoy a meal at your home. During this time, your house tends to become a disaster. Between the food and all your guests, dishes are everywhere and garbage piles high. To keep things orderly, here are a few ideas to help organize your kitchen before the big feast. Rearrange Your Cabinets A few days before Thanksgiving, take a look at the canned goods in your cabinets. It is important to examine the expiration dates and discard old products. Since it is easy to lose the cans you need for your celebration among the many products in your cabinets, you may wish to place them up front. Another option is to donate your extra canned goods. This will not only make more space in your cabinets, but it’s a great way to help out your community! You may consider adding organizational … Continue reading

Murphy Beds – The Ultimate Space Savers

The freedom to invite guests to stay overnight lets you extend the pleasure of a family gathering or a televised sports event. Without a spare bedroom and bed, your options for entertaining guests are limited. With a murphy bed, you have the ultimate space saver that offers rest to your guests. Fitting perfectly and invisibly into your office or spare room, an elegant creation by Stone Creek is there when you need it. Understanding the Concept An innovative piece of furniture, a bed that you can store in a beautifully designed cabinet gives you routine as well as unique use of your space. Bedrooms typically provide a place to rest for a few hours, but they usually offer few other uses. With a bed that takes up space, the room essentially has only one purpose. A murphy bed gives you a place for someone to sleep without dedicating an entire … Continue reading

Owning Stone Creek Furniture Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Financing for people who deserve quality in their homes We’ve all heard the jingle, “Furniture The Way YOU Want it!” Stone Creek Furniture is celebrating 25 years in the valley coming up.  They manufacture ALL of their quality, hardwood cabinets right here in Phoenix. It gets even better, not only does Stone Creek provide jobs, stimulate the local economy, but now they offer financing to help you own their quality product, for little or no money down! Now that’s music to our ears! I recently sat down with Ron Jones, Owner and President of Stone Creek Furniture and we got to know a little more about the program. Netwirks: What does this financing option mean to you as a business owner? Ron Jones:  20% increase in large ticket sales Netwirks:  Have you seen people that are now buying because of this, that didn’t want to spend before? Ron Jones: yes … Continue reading

Home Office Furniture Made In Phoenix

If you are looking for some excellent quality home office furniture in Phoenix, look no further. Stone Creek Furniture has got it covered! Home offices are a necessity for most people and for others it might just be having a space to keep your files organized. We manufacture and design an endless variety of the finest quality desks, file cabinets, armoires, credenzas, and a plethora of other options to fit any of your home office needs!  One of the many struggles people face with their home office usually comes about by the lack of space available. Our corner offices and office customizations can be tailored to what your needs are and any size area provided. We can fit a corner or wall desk almost anywhere and in some cases we can help you rearrange the space to give you more available area you couldn’t picture possible. The corner offices, workstations, … Continue reading

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